“A programmer is a person who fixed a problem that you don’t know you have,

in a way that you don’t understand”

- Anonymous


Remedium - an Industry 4.0 platform

The custom platform dedicated to project propertyfacilitymaintenancemanagement.

  • Upload plans → Create subplans
  • Drag & drop plan sections and PIs
  • Create monitoring and evaluation plans
  • Real-time communication (chat)
  • Automatic Gantt chart
  • Generate work orders (add text, photos) 
  • Meet architects, designers, constructors, technicians, etc. in one place
Remedium is the custom platform dedicated to companies willing to monitor the progress of their business from blueprint to the phase where maintenance of their machines and equipment represents their main concern. 
Real time information allows executives and department heads to make decisions on-the-spot, having all the necessary coordinates to assess any crisis situation.  


Smart home app

pay the bills, read your meters, prevent leaking damages
On the one hand, it helps apartment owners and tenants to manage and pay via smartphone their house related monthly costs, no matter if we consider utilities bills or monthly maintenance invoices

On the other hand, the application provides real time information regarding water, heat and electricity values using an advanced smart metering system. More than that, it alerts about accidental leakages while you are on vacation and also allows you to receive notifications from building administrator.  


Our software development capabilities

So far, we managed to fulfill all of our customer's challenges so we are confident that we will face the following ones too, given our ability to create focused working teams with experience mostly within industrial projects development. 

The main categories we are capable of delivering software related products and solutions are the following: 

  • Firmware development 
  • Middleware development
  • Systems development
  • Embbeded systems development 
  • Web development
  • Mobile aplications development

From the analysis stage to the quality assurance and deployment phases we gradually show our progress while our customers are aware of each and every milestone we develop in real time. 

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