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C-Light 8884F Dimmer


Main Features

PulsarWorks's C-Light 8884F is a plug-and-play controller that enables set-up of various dimming scenarios and includes a standard pre-defined scene control.

C-Light may be configured using various communication protocols such as:
  • USB – using a local computer or compatible tablet
  • LAN – using any internet and/or intranet network (add-on module)
  • Self Wi-Fi – using an add-on module that emits Wi-Fi signal and meets three different roles: transmitter, receiver and repeater (recommended for applications that require a high-density of C-Light's or for on-site smartphone/tablet set-up)
We provide the management and monitoring of C-Light's using:

  • Wi-Fi – where the C-Light's are creating a wireless communication MESH
  • Ethernet – using CAT cable

via a web application (and also iOS and Android mobile applications - on demand)

C-Lights's tasks include:

  • Automatic dimming
  • Manual dimming (via Internet)
  • Daylight mode
  • Lights left on after working hours mode (using an added-on occupancy sensor)
  • Other custom modes
The access to C-Light platform may be allowed to:

  • Property owners
  • Facility managers
  • Tenants

A single C-Light may control up to 64 lighting fixtures.

We also offer standard lighting fixtures:









and others...

About our lighting division

Loaded with extensive indoor & outdoor lighting products and vast service capabilities, PulsarWorks being focused on meeting your critical lighting requirements. We don’t just produce and deliver LED lighting fixtures, we offer solutions developed by our specialists. 

Our dimming technology proved itself many times as being the right one to be chosen no matter the industry: residential, industrial, office buildings, street lighting, etc.

Over-the-air maintenance and management

We manage and maintain our smart lighting infrastructures without being physically connected to the devices in order to keep up a proper functioning of:

  • Smart offices – create individualized lighting for every worker
  • Smart buildings – reduce the energy use
  • Smart cities – increase efficiency of the city lighting system
  • Smart homes – control smart lighting remotely