Computer science is no more about computers than astronomy is about telescopes.” 

– Edsger Dijkstra

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Production tracking module

PT-1 module is an autonomous hardware equipment that collects data through barcode readers and establishes a secure bi-directional communication with the server. It is used mainly for tracking production operations representing also a gateway between the barcode reader and server. It's flexible design allows other types of applications in various industries such as logistics.

deployed modules

Data Sniffer Professional is a custom-made device that can be installed on any industrial equipment in order to monitor its activity and proper functioning. It reads and processes the desired equipment signals and behavior using either LAN, GSM or Wi-Fi protocols in order to send the information to the server (any medium). Compatible with our REMEDIUM platform. 

For detailed information check "Industrial Solutions" section.

Data Sniffer Professional

Fully customizable condition monitoring module

Demo kit:

C-Light 8884F

Dimmer designed for industrial and office buildings

Philips official dealer and Feilo Sylvania recognized product

C-Light 8884F is a plug-and-play controller that enables set-up of various dimming scenarios and includes a standard pre-defined scene control. The user interface is fully customizable according to both design and technical needs.

For detailed information check "smart lighting" section.

Designed for venues, MLC stands for Master Lighting Control and it's main purpose is to control the lighting infrastructure according to custom scenarios. The suite of products include a master controller that communicates with slave controllers via LAN wiring. Given the fact that the scenarios might be programmed in order to react as a response of the environmental conditions, additional modules may be delivered as mic, AUX input, temperature sensors, light sensors, etc.

MLC creates an unique experience reacting both to manual or automated inputs. It simply "talks" to the audience based on what is happening in the near surroundings. 

The enclosures are in-house 3D printed.

MLC suite of products

designed to behave according to environmental conditions
days needed for development and installation

Many markets are not prepared for smart thermostat plug&play installments because of the lack of universal interfaces that work with any equipment. We see PULSAR CASA smart thermostat as a stand-alone product but moreover, we see it as an add-on for the existing infrastructures. It's unique concept along with our team's expertise positions our solution as the fastest choice of upgrading current infrastructures or adding personality for new projects. 

CASA smart thermostat

Fully customizable self-learning hardware platform
Our development work progress: 95%
units to be delivered by Apr 2020

CASA smart heating controller

Self-learning capabilities

Our smart home heating controller is based on an equipment capable of adjusting temperature for each room individually depending on the Pulsar CASA (our smart thermostat) and mobile application settings. It commands most of the valve actuators available on the market. Self-learning feature makes one of the easiest to use smart home heating controller as it analyses both user behavior and working parameters in order to reach a certain temperature. 

Compatibility: stand-alone or integrated with Pulsar CASA - smart thermostat

units to be delivered by Apr 2020



Industrial thermoforming cobot

Forma Caloris is a custom-made industrial cobot dedicated to textile and automotive industry. The main purpose is proccessing the foam used for car seats manufacturing according to operator's commands and inputs. The touchscreen HMI allows a variety of commands from adjusting the temperature for all 5 individually controlled heating areas to the desired number of cycles. 

Forma Caloris has also sewing and cutting material capabilities, thus increasing the operator's efficiency. 

The pneumatic shafts system ensures the foam material proper handling and syncronization with the thermoforming unit. 

Given the rising demand for sewing especially in automotive industry, our research&development is working at an industrial sewing cobot with the main characteristic that it will be fully modular. 

Expected deployment date: 1st of August 2020


Industrial sewing cobot
Our development work progress: 55%


SIEDLE - high-end intercom technologies



Siedle Axiom


Cordless receiver


Smart User Interface


Glass Mounting



Door Panel Mounting

Sometimes we need to deliver fast and reliable integrated solutions, therefore when it comes to intercom systems, access control and building automation, we work with Siedle (Germany). Their instant response time and technical support are simply impeccable and we are proud to be their distributor in Romania.

Among conventional audio and video solutions, we like:  




units delivered and installed

Smart metering


Smart metering systems are a very powerful tool for both developers and owners, therefore we choose to work with well recognized brands and professional partners only. Our common history proved us that their technical solutions are the best option for our integrated solutions. 

Smart metering represents a part of our SMART HOME APP platform and it is one of the most important components.  

We provide the following types of meters: 

- water meters 

- heat meters 

- electricity meters 

The communication protocols may vary from standard M-BUS to Xbee, BLE, LoRA, etc.

units delivered and installed